Georgia Academy of Music Class Offerings

All Classes are offered year round. During the school year we offer 9 week class quarters. However, students may join the class any time. Summer classes are offered in June and August with flexible scheduling options.

Musical Beginnings One Ages 2 years to 3½ years

Through activities such as singing, dancing, and playing instruments, preschoolers discover and develop their enjoyment of music, emotional as well as intellectual response to music, aural awareness and discrimination, coordination and muscle control. Studies show that the introduction of music into a child's life during the developmental years enhances not only the aural and muscular coordination, but also improves learning skills and increases the I.Q.

Musical Beginnings Two Ages 3½ years to 5 years

This level offers an accelerated curriculum as the next step from our Musical Beginnings One program. Class participants are introduced to the world of composers and their craft. They study masterpieces from each musical era from classical to romantic to jazz. Through storytelling, dance and playing of instruments, the student explores the world of music. Classes are limited to twelve students and last fifty minutes. Each class includes the following activities: a simple, repeated opening exercise in a circle, singing of songs and ear training activities, listening to live and recorded music, experiences in rhythm instruments, orchestral and environmental instruments, educational filmstrips and videos. There is an exploratory time guided by our teachers at the beginning of each class. This allows students to have hands on time on their favorite instruments. Many Musical Beginnings students go on to an early start studying piano, violin, cello, and flute here at the Academy!