NOTE: This form is only used to sign up for classes during the school year. For summer classes and summer camps, see the summer sign up forms. We are currently accepting applications for the 2014-2015 academic year. You can fax, e-mail or bring in the completed PDF form to our offices.

Step 1 Enter your information. Student Mother (if student is under 18) Father (if student is under 18) Name: Street Address: City, State ZIP: Home e-mail Address: Place of Employment: Title: Work Phone: Cell Phone: Home Phone: School: School Music Teacher: Grade: Date of Birth:

Step 2 Choose a class type and request a day and time.

Class Type: Requested day of week:

Requested time of day:

Step 3 Agree to the terms and conditions.


MISSED LESSON POLICY: There are no makeup for missed lessons except for the following circumstances: 1. Westminster is closed for snow or some other emergency. 2. The teacher is absent. 3. The student has a religious holiday, school music function, or college entrance exam. 4. The student has a serious illness or injury and must miss more than 3 weeks. TERMINATION POLICY: Two weeks notice is required to terminate private lessons. The office must be notified directly rather than a verbal notice given to a teacher.

MONTHLY TUITION PAYMENT INSTALLMENTS: There are 34 weeks of scheduled lessons for all students for the school year regardless of which day of the week the student is scheduled. We have factored holidays into this count so that all lesson days will total 34 weeks by the end of the school year. Due to holidays and the fact that we start the last week in August some months will have more than 4 weeks of lessons and some less. The monthly installments cover the yearly total. We have divided these payments into 9 installments. Eight payments are full payments and the last payment is a half payment since 34 weeks does not divide evenly. Payment for these lessons is due in advance of services rendered.

MONTHLY TUITION PAYMENTS: A coupon book will be mailed to you. The monthly tuition due date is the 21st of each month as listed in the coupon book. Payments will be considered late after the 28th. Your credit card will be charged by the 15th of the month if the outstanding balance has not been received. Please make checks payable to The Georgia Academy of Music. Payments may be made in the office or sent to GAM, P.O. Box 250347 Atlanta, GA. 30325.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: If you would like to pay by Mastercard or Visa rather than by the coupon book, please stop by the office and make your payment arrangements. There is a 2% surcharge to your monthly payment should you elect to pay by credit card.

I agree to the terms and conditions above.

Step 4 Submit your request.